ecstasy™ mickaël besse®

International Pastry Boutique
A. ecstasy™ mickaël besse® – Thiru-Vi-Ka-Road-Royapettah – Chennai 600014 – India
C.   W.   T. +914443920444
“The art of pastry making reaches its pinnacle when form, fragrance and flavour captive your senses” – Mickaël Besse
Ecstasy lies in details. Every element is international. Every ingredient is the freshest. Every cup of coffee is brewed to perfection. Ecstasy’s designs reflect a modern, minimalist aesthetic. In this stylish comfort and attention to detail you will find the essence of the Ecstasy experience.
You could go globe-trotting. You could get a degree in international studies. You could spend a lifetime collecting stamps, coins, currency.
OR, you could stop by Ecstasy.
This isn’t just an international experience. It’s a taste of extravagance. Hand-picked from the world over, each element at Ecstasy has been meticulously chosen to serve you a piece of the cosmos on a platter.
The interiors have been designed by the electric Vikram Phadke. Vikram’s amicable spirit belives his wicked eye for fine design.
All uniforms have been designed by Atul Malhotra.
Additionally, Swarovski, Mont Blanc, Fossil, Bang & Olufsen are just some of the international brands that you will get a taste of a Ecstasy.
To Mickaël, cooking is a personal philosophy, passion and way of life. Since he began his culinary career, the journey has taken him from his French roots to other European countries, the Americas, Asia and borders beyond.
At Ecstasy, Mickaël brings to life his eye for detail. Known for his authentic, innovative creations using seasonal and regional ingredients, Mickaël provides an elegant, imaginative flourish to his international desserts.
“My main motivation and focus is to arouse your interest and surprise your taste buds”

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