Entremets & Small Cakes
Creative and modern baking. Learn to mix and match different flavors while working with contrasting textures and colors. Expand your know-how with delicious range of entremets and small cakes. Delight your guests!
Tarts & Tartlets
Pick up existing new recipes while rationalizing productivity and labor costs. Offer your clientele new taste sensations throughout the year.
Restaurants Desserts
Add magic to your menu with designer desserts! Let me share with you techniques and skills acquired over 20 years’ professional experience in France and abroad.
Chocolate Lover’s Dream
Learn to make exquisite entremets, desserts, candies, chocolate bonbons, tarts and petits fours. By the end of these classes, you’ll have the answers to every chocolate lover’s dreams.
Confectionary & Chocolate Bonbons
Discover a unique range of pastry shop products including chocolate bonbons (framed or molded), homemade spreads, jams, caramels, marshmallows, nougats, vegetable / peanuts / fruit pastes, metallic dried fruit chocolate, and more! You’ll amaze even your most demanding customers.
Desserts, Buffets, Banquets & Catering
How to wow a diverse catering clientele with a banquet of delights? Together, we’ll put together a fabulous menu which will become the attractive pole of all your guests. You’ll learn to make modern creative desserts that also meet the caterer’s volume and transport constraints.
List of courses not contractual
Each training course or consulting service is organized according to predefined or custom specifications.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your exact needs and different possible types of training or advice.

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